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Greyscale Touring Playhouse | Award Winning Production

A co-production with AIAWTC

Bad date? Me too.

Meet Lou – they’re going to share with you their thoughts about the date they went on recently. Meet Jaz – they just have to get something off their chest about the person they just met. The two perspectives don’t match up… but who’s right? How about seeing it with your own eyes?

Amidst the rituals and minefields of dating in a post #metoo era, who can we believe when one party believes it’s sexual misconduct, and the other, simply a bad date?

In this 60 minute show and workshop, half of the students will meet one of the people involved, then witness the date scene, and then meet the other person involved. The other half of the students view it the other way around, enabling everyone to develop different perspectives on the incident, leading to ripe debate and discussions on which character was right – and on what each character could have done differently. 

This show is suitable for ages 14-18.

Further info: Greyscale was written for and performed at the Vault Festival 2019, having taken its inspiration from the controversial Aziz Ansari scandal in which the actor was accused of sexual misconduct. It won great critical acclaim and was awarded the festival’s Innovation Award for its inspired staging.

“The cunning Greyscale […] is very smartly constructed. Do we see what we think we see?” – Lyn Gardner

★★★★★ “ground-breaking […] it will stay with me for a while […] I’d urge anyone to go and experience it” – A Younger Theatre

★★★★★ “a sense of genuine unease and authentically executed […] Greyscale makes us question our past encounters and own moral judgements” – The Upcoming

★★★★★ “[An] experience that will make you think twice before taking on side of a tricky story as gospel – an intelligent and provocative response to the Aziz Ansari scandal” – Mind the Blog

★★★★★ “Urgent, swift and exceptionally clever, the piece hands over all the elements to stir a personal reflection on behaviour and awareness” – Broadway World

★★★★★ “This show is totally groundbreaking” – Within her Words

Winner of the Innovation Award, Vault Festival 2019


The cost for a single performance is £550 (+VAT), for two performances is £800 (+VAT) and for three performances is £1000 (+VAT).  For the discount, the multiple shows need to be on the same day.

This includes both the show and post-show workshop Q&A.

There is no additional cost for transport.

Greyscale Innovation Award | Anonymous is a Woman | Vault Festival Award
Greyscale Innovation Award | Anonymous is a Woman Theatre Company | Touring Playhouse

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