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An Inspector Calls Workshop



An Inspector Calls School Workshop

An Inspector Calls is a staple of the English GCSE syllabus. We explore some of the key characters and plot lines of the play. 

Our workshop is both interactive and engaging for the students. Working alongside key quotations from the show JB Priestley’s characters are explored to develop a better understanding of the text and help to enhance exam preparation.

Our experienced performers will work directly with the students to delve deeper into the Birling family and the Inspector during the workshop.

Our trained actor/facilitators will analyse the key themes of Priestley’s play, its structure and form. 

Please Note – this is not a full performance of An Inspector Calls. It is a Workshop with a main goal of providing students a better understanding of the text.


The cost of a single performance is £750 (+VAT) or if you have two shows in a day it is £1250 (+VAT). The 90 minute interactive workshop includes time for a student Q&A session.

There is no additional cost for transport.

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